Saturday, 12 June 2010

Candy Red Phantom

Sold now, but talk to us, let us build your dream custom.


chris said...

i have the same bike almost! anybody know of the colony v2 lady killer forks? i got this bike in a trade yesterday i was jw about it ive never had a newer custom bmx before i only had a custom fbm angel of death and thats it! here are the parts.
Colony phantom frame
Colony bloody oath bars
Colony v2 lady killer forks
Colony box seat post
Colony 2.5 crank
Colony guttler sprocket
Colony fantastic seat and seat post
Colony contour rims
Profile mini hubs with titanium internals
Éclat brakes
Odyssey brake cable and pegs

chris said...

lol i have almost thesame exact setup everything is the same but the seat. how is it holding up?